Client Praise

"We are so blessed we found you with the help of our Chaplain at our local Fire Department, as well as a member of our church, and the entire Texas Firemen Association of Chaplains. We appreciate your willingness to help Michael in coping with the traumatic loss he experienced losing both parents at such an early age. Your compassion, care, guidance and concern for Michael has helped him maintain and achieve all of the above successes. You went above and beyond your duty as a counselor for Michael helping Wayne and I cope with the loss of both children after the loss of Michael's mother to suicide. We highly recommend you to teenagers who have lost a parent to suicide after already losing his father at age 8, as well as, older adults dealing with the loss of their own children and then raising grandchildren as senior citizens."

Family of a 12 year old boy who lost both parents

"I recently lost my husband of 61 years. I was dealing with grief and depression and sought Kara's counseling. Through her professional and faith-based guidance I have been able to come to terms with my grief and depression and move forward. I have no doubt that I would not have made the progress I've made without Kara's help. I was able to establish trust in Kara and in the confidentiality of the topics we discussed. She reminded me always of God's grace and that He holds us in His Hand. I believe God gives us Christian counselors like Kara to guide us through those difficult times and find resolution."

An 80 year old woman

"When we asked the girls what they like most about talking with you, they said because you helped them be safe. You have truly been a blessing from God. You walked into our lives because of a loss, but you have given us much peace. You have invested in our lives when you really didn't 'have to'. The girls also like that they can be silly with you. We cannot thank you enough for what you are doing in our lives."

A family with two girls ages 6 and 8

"I was at a hopeless point in my life when I met Kara through a friend. When I walked into her office I was very nervous, anxious and depressed. Kara was immediately very empathetic and supportive. She helped me understand my emotions. It was really important to talk to someone who did not judge me. Now, I feel more confident, stronger and I love myself. I am grateful that God placed her in my life."

~ Sandra

A woman in her 40s

"Meeting with Kara was the highlight of my week. Her spiritual wisdom and strength was inspiring and I left every conversation encouraged and closer to the Lord than I was before. She is kind and compassionate but speaks truth with a strong conviction. I felt free to talk about anything that I needed to with her without fear of being judged. Because of her extensive knowledge of both scripture and psychology, she was able to counsel and encourage me in my faith and offer practical and proven guidance to the problems I was facing."

~ Mary

A woman in her 20s

"I have been engaging in spiritual direction  with Kara for three years. I find her ability to companion me as I have journeyed through my spiritual discernment to be affirming, generous and kind. Kara has the delightful ability to bring curiosity, genuine caring and compassion to each encounter."

~ Susan

A woman in her 60s

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